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Half polar coordinates figure plot function halfPolar 1.0

  Date Added: August 06, 2013  |  Visits: 281

Half polar coordinates figure plot function halfPolar

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HALFPOLAR function performs the polar plot in radian angle range [0 pi] using half polar coordinates HALFPOLAR(phi,gain) makes a plot with phi in radians angle range [0 pi] and gain in half polar coordinates. Phi and gain could be vector or matrix with the same dimensions. When Phi is a vector(1XN) and vector(1XN) and matrix(MXN)gain values are allowable. When Phi is a matrix(MXN) and then the gain should only be matrix(MXN) with the same row numbers. HALFPOLAR(phi,gain, linestyle) uses specified linestyle defined in cell variable linestyle to plot phi and gain, like: linestyle = {'ko-','b--'} HALFPOLAR(phi,gain, linestyle, xtickval) plots phi and gain with the prescribed tick value xtickval. like: xtickval = [15 25 45 75 105] IMPORTANT NOTE: HALFPOLAR is designed especially for the radiated sould pressure level demonstration. Accordingly the gain value is designed to be dB value. the default xtickvalue is also designed to match the dB value range. So you are permitted to modify the function in order to correctly demonstrate data for your specified applications. HALFPOLAR is coded straightforward without variables checking and fault testing.The author don't take the responsibility for the program bug. Example: phi = linspace(0,pi,20); gain = 80 * rand(3,length(phi)) + 40; h = halfPolar(phi,gain,{'k-','g-.','r--','k-'},[30 40 65 80 95 120]) Another Example: phi = linspace(0,pi,20); gain = 80 * rand(3,length(phi)) + 40; h = halfPolar(phi,gain,{'k-','g-.','r--','k-'},[30 40 65 80 95 120])% Add legend to the half polar figurelegend(h,'1','2','3');% set the specified line style and colorset(h(1),'linestyle','-.','color','b') See also polar;

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Matlab
Keyword: Applications Coded Correctly Demonstrate Level Match Modify Order Permitted Straightforward
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Size: 10 KB
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