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KPF_CB was completely rewritten to work with mouse clicks and for Matlab R2011b. Currently it does not work with other releases. I haven't really looked into why yet, so I have included the original 'KPF_CB' and renamed it 'Original_KPF_CB' for compatibility.The new KPF_CB also heavily relies on Java. The Java part was made possible by Yair Altman and his 'findjobj'.From the help file,% a key press callback function for an edit box%% Description% KPF_CB() is a key press callback function for an edit box. This% callback creates a dynamically changing listbox under or above the% edit box (depending on space available). The contents of the listbox% change depending on the keys pressed. This callback may be useful% where very large lists are encountered and are difficult to sort% through, or may act as a search box.%% Syntax% set(edit_h,'KeyPressFcn', ...% {@KPF_CB,jedit_h,slider_h,fig_h,list,func})%% Arguments% edit_h - handle of the edit box to which KPF_CB is applied% jedit_h - handle of the java component of the edit box% slider_h - handle of the slider, if none, leave empty []% fig_h - handle of the figure of the edit box% list - list of selectable items% func - function to evaluate after 'return', or 'escape' key is% pressed or item in listbox is 'opened', if this is not needed,% leave empty [] or do not include in edit box 'KeyPressFcn'% callback%% Other Functionality% - KPF_CB incorporates the functionality of many special keys% including, backspace, delete, escape, insert, end, shift, return,% arrow keys, and space.% - Arrow keys allow the user to cycle left to right across the edit% box and continue typing with a dynamically changing listbox. They% also allow the user to scroll through the list box up and down.% - The 'return' key will either select the closest match to the% contents of the listbox from the contents of the edit box, or if% the arrow keys were previously used to cycle through the listbox,% then whichever item is currently highlighted will be selected. This% selected word will then appear in the edit box, and the listbox will% be deleted.% - Other keys behave as expected% - If an item in the listbox is clicked, the edit box will display% the item clicked on, but the contents of the listbox will remain the% same. If an item in the listbox is opened (i.e. double-clicked),% this will have the same effect as the 'return' key, but for the item% clicked on.% - A slider can be used with this function. For example, if multiple% edit boxes were placed on a panel with a slider, the listbox would% change size depending on the position of the edit box and slider.% - The optional function to evaluate after 'return', or 'escape' key% is pressed or item in listbox is 'opened' allows for immediate% function evaluation without needing a 'push button'%% Example% list = cell(26,26,26);% for i1 = 1:26% for i2 = 1:26% for i3 = 1:26% list{i1,i2,i3} = [char(64+i1) char(64+i2) char(64+i3)];% end% end% end% list = reshape(list,numel(list),1);% scrnsz = get(0,'ScreenSize');% fig_h = figure('MenuBar','none','Resize','off', ...% 'Position',[scrnsz(3)/2-100 scrnsz(4)/2-100 200 200]);% edit_h = uicontrol('Style','edit','Position',[6 170 190 25]);% jedit = java(findjobj(edit_h));% jedit_h = handle(jedit,'CallbackProperties');%% set(edit_h,'KeyPressFcn',{@KPF_CB,jedit_h,[],fig_h,list,@my_fun})% set(jedit_h,'MouseReleasedCallback',{@KPF_MR_CB,edit_h}, ...% 'MousePressedCallback',{@KPF_MP_CB,edit_h})%% function my_fun% get(edit_h,'String')% end%% Notes% - In order to close the listbox an item must be selected, by either% pressing either the 'escape' or 'return' keys or 'opening' an item in% the listbox% - This function makes use of the edit box user data variable% - Java is used extensively% - This function is not bug free yet, but usually hitting 'backspace'% or 'delete' enough times will clear whatever my function thinks is in% there% Version : 1.1 (10/06/2011)% Author : Nate Jensen% Created : 09/21/2011% History :% - v1.0 (09/21/2011) : initial release% - v1.1 (10/06/2011) : added java component to enable mouse clicks

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Matlab
Keyword: Boxes Doubleclicked Effect Multiple Opened Panel Remain
Users rating: 0/10

License: Shareware Size: 40.96 KB
Multimedia  -  Rainbow Text javascript for Graphics and Animations 1.1
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Multimedia  -  Pulsating text for Graphics and Animations 1.1
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Icecream PDF Converter is a converter of files from PDF and to PDF with easy to use interface and multiple advanced features. This program features 2 modes of functioning that are From PDF and To PDF. With selection of the first one users can...
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The software converts 2D images or stereo pairs into glasses-free 3D format. It automatically generates high quality multi-view 3D sequence. Resultant series of images is used for encoding and printing lenticular 3D pictures. Also, it can be used...
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Development Editors  -  AlexKlm C++ Editor 2.2
C++ Editor - the text editor for C++ programmers. The editor have color syntax highlighting and all basic characteristics of Notepad (Microsoft Windows) and more. Editor's main purpose is to edit source code files outside the IDE with...
260 KB  
Screen Saver Tools  -  Flickr Screen Saver 3.0.0
Flickr Plugin for gPhotoShow Pro allows you to display your favorite Flickr photos as screen saver or slideshow. It allows you to download public photos from any Flickr user account and private photos from your account or from users who have...
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Finance  -  Kutools for Word 1.0.14
Kutools for Word brings high efficiency to process word documents. Adding three tabs (including Kutools tab, Link tab and General tab) into the word ribbon interface, this application allows you to rename and copy multiple opened documents, insert...
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Networking Tools  -  AppGini 4.70
AppGini is a program that helps you develop web database applications instantly. You do not need to have any programming background to use it. Just define your database, set some options, click the Generate button, and you're done! Since AppGini...
5.5 MB  
Scripts  -  Freelancer Script 5.05
Main Features: 100% Secured. Email Support (3 Years). FREE Updates (3 Years). Post projects. Featured projects. Private projects. Sealed projects. Edit/delete projects. Select freelancers....
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Main Features: 100% Secured. Email Support (3 Years). FREE Updates (3 Years). Registration with name, email, password, date of birth etc. User can add multiple school, college, university with start...
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Main Features: 100% Secured. Email Support (3 Years). FREE Updates (3 Years). Ajax based interface. Profile creation. Different types of profile. Profile for jobseekers, employers and employed...
5.49 MB  
Development Tools  -  VMP Viewer 1.0
This is a very rudimentary tool to visualize the VMP files generated by BrainVoyager. Useful to share files with people who do not have BV.
10 KB  
Development Tools  -  Sending reports and timestamped file by emailing 1.0
main executing reference usage:[1] usage_send_mail.mIllustrates email sending with multiple separate files or single timestamped tar file. Attachment failure is properly handled, with continuation of report emailing without the attachment.[2]...
768 KB  
Development Tools  -  IrisMVC 2.0 rc1
IrisMVC is an OOP PHP framework that developers can use as a strong and secure foundation to build on various web applications following the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. It provides the basic functionality developers need, without...
51.2 KB  
Development Tools  -  7-Zip for Script 4.42
7-Zip is a file archiver with a high compression ratio.Features:- High compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression- Supported formats:- Packing / unpacking: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR- Unpacking only: RAR, CAB, ISO, ARJ, LZH, CHM,...
624.64 KB  
Development Tools  -  Barnardextest 1.0
This file, as the Fisher's exact test, performs the exact probability test for a table of frequency data cross-classified according to two categorical variables, each of which has two levels or subcategories (2x2). It is a non-parametric...
10 KB