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Submodular Function Optimization 1.0

  Date Added: June 04, 2013  |  Visits: 279

Submodular Function Optimization

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Matlab Toolbox for Submodular Function Optimization (v 2.0)By Andreas Krause (, videos and detailed references available at http://www.submodularity.orgTested in MATLAB 7.0.1 (R14), 7.2.0 (R2006a), 7.4.0 (R2007a, MAC), 7.9.0 (MAC)This toolbox provides functions for optimizing submodular set functions, i.e., functions that take a subset A of a finite ground set V to the real numbers, satisfying$$F(A)+F(B)geq F(Acup B)+F(Acap B)$$It also presents several examples of applying submodular function optimization to important machine learning problems, such as clustering, inference in probabilistic models and experimental design. There is a demo script: sfo_tutorial.mSome information on conventions:All algorithms will use function objects (see sfo_tutorial.m for examples). For example, to measure variance reduction in a Gaussian model, call F = sfo_fn_varred(sigma,V)where sigma is the covariance matrix and V is the ground set, e.g., 1:size(sigma,1) They will also take an index set V, and A must be a subset of V.Implemented algorithms:1) Minimization:* sfo_min_norm_point: Fujishige's minimum-norm-point algorithm for minimizing general submodular functions* sfo_queyranne: Queyranne's algorithm for minimizing symmetric submodular functions* sfo_ssp: Submodular-supermodular procedure of Narasimhan & Bilmes for minimizing the difference of two submodular functions* sfo_s_t_min_cut: For solving min F(A) s.t. s in A, t not in A* sfo_minbound: Return an online bound on the minimum solution* sfo_greedy_splitting: Greedy splitting algorithm for clustering of Zhao et al2) Maximization:* sfo_polyhedrongreedy: For solving an LP over the submodular polytope* sfo_greedy_lazy: The greedy algorithm for constrained maximization / coverage using lazy evaluations* sfo_greedy_welfare: The greedy algorithm for solving allocation problems* sfo_cover: Greedy coverage algorithm using lazy evaluations* sfo_celf: The CELF algorithm of Leskovec et al. for budgeted maximization* sfo_ls_lazy: Local search algorithm for maximizing nonnegative submodular functions* sfo_saturate: The _SATURATE_ algorithm of Krause et al. for robust optimization of submodular functions* sfo_max_dca_lazy: The Data Correcting algorithm of Goldengorin et al. for maximizing general (not necessarily nondecreasing) submodular functions* sfo_maxbound: Return an online bound on the maximum solution* sfo_pspiel: pSPIEL algorithm for trading off information and communication cost* sfo_pspiel_orienteering: pSPIEL algorithm for submodular orienteering* sfo_balance: eSPASS algorithm for simultaneous placement and balanced scheduling3) Miscellaneous* sfo_lovaszext: Computes the Lovasz extension for a submodular function* sfo_mi_cluster: Example clustering algorithm using both maximization and minimization* sfo_pspiel_get_path: Convert a tree into a path using the MST heuristic algorithm* sfo_pspiel_get_cost: Compute the Steiner cost of a tree / path4) Submodular functions:* sfo_fn_cutfun: Cut function* sfo_fn_detect: Outbreak detection / facility location* sfo_fn_infogain: Information gain about gaussian random variables* sfo_fn_entropy: Entropy of Gaussian random variables* sfo_fn_mi: Gaussian mutual information* sfo_fn_varred: Variance reduction (truncatable, for use in SATURATE)* sfo_fn_example: Two-element submodular function example from tutorial slides* sfo_fn_iwata: Iwata's test function for testing minimization code* sfo_fn_ising: Energy function for Ising model for image denoising* sfo_fn_residual: For defining residual submodular functions* sfo_fn_invert: For defining F(A) = F'(VA)-F(V)* sfo_fn_lincomb: For defining linear combinations of submodular functionsIf you use the toolbox for your research, please citeA. Krause. "SFO: A Toolbox for Submodular Function Optimization". Journal of Machine Learning Research (2010).

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Matlab
Keyword: Important Machine Measure Variance Mst Heuristic Real Real Numbers Saturate Algorithm Steiner Cost Submodular Polytope Testing Minimization They Will Also Toolbox Toolbox Functions Toolbox Submodular Trading Information Tree Path Submodular
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License: Freeware Size: 266.24 KB
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