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MATLAB for Digital Communication 1.0

  Date Added: August 28, 2013  |  Visits: 353

MATLAB for Digital Communication

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CHAPTER 1: FOURIER ANALYSIS1.1 CONTINUOUS-TIME FOURIER SERIES (CTFS)1.2 PROPERTIES OF CTFS 1.2.1 Time-Shifting Property 1.2.2 Frequency-Shifting Property 1.2.3 Modulation Property1.3 CONTINUOUS-TIME FOURIER TRANSFORM (CTFT)1.4 PROPERTIES OF CTFT 1.4.1 Linearity 1.4.2 Conjugate Symmetry 1.4.3 Real Translation and Complex Translation 1.4.4 Real Convolution and Correlation 1.4.5 Complex Convolution d-deOCt Modulation/Windowing 1.4.6 Duality 1.4.7 Parseval Relation - Power Theorem1.5 DISCRETE-TIME FOURIER TRANSFORM (DTFT)1.6 DISCRETE-TIME FOURIER SERIES - DFS/DFT1.7 SAMPLING THEOREM 1.7.1 Relationship between CTFS and DFS 1.7.2 Relationship between CTFT and DTFT 1.7.3 Sampling Theorem1.8 POWER, ENERGY, AND CORRELATION1.9 LOWPASS EQUIVALENT OF BANDPASS SIGNALSCHAPTER 2: PROBABILITY AND RANDOM PROCESSES2.1 PROBABILITY2.2 LINEAR FILTERING AND PSD OF A RANDOM PROCESS2.3 FADING EFFECT OF A MULTI-PATH CHANNELCHAPTER 3: ANALOG MODULATION3.1 AMPLITUDE MODULATION (AM) 3.1.1 DSB (Double Sideband)-AM (Amplitude Modulation) 3.1.2 Conventional AM (Amplitude Modulation) 3.1.3 SSB (Single Sideband)-AM(Amplitude Modulation)3.2 ANGLE MODULATION - FREQUENCY/PHASE MODULATIONSCHAPTER 4: ANALOG-TO-DIGITAL CONVERSION4.1 QUANTIZATION 4.1.1 Uniform Quantization 4.1.2 Non-uniform Quantization 4.1.3 Non-uniform Quantization Considering Relative Errors4.2 Pulse Code Modulation (PCM)4.3 Differential Pulse Code Modulation (DPCM)4.4 Delta Modulation (DM)CHAPTER 5: BASEBAND DIGITAL TRANSMISSION5.1 RECEIVER (RCVR) and SNR 5.1.1 Receiver of Filter Type 5.1.2 Receiver of Matched Filter Type 5.1.3 Signal Correlator5.2 SIGNALING AND ERROR PROBABILITY 5.2.1 Antipodal (Bipolar) Signaling 5.2.2 OOK(On-Off Keying)/Unipolar Signaling 5.2.3 Orthogonal Signaling 5.2.4 Signal Constellation Diagram 5.2.5 Simulation of Binary Communication 5.2.6 Multi-level(amplitude) PAM Signaling 5.2.7 Multi-dimensional Signaling 5.2.8 Bi-orthogonal SignalingCHAPTER 6: BANDLIMITED CHANNEL AND EQUALIZER6.1 BANDLIMITED CHANNEL 6.1.1 Nyquist Bandwidth 6.1.2 Raised-Cosine Frequency Response 6.1.3 Partial Respone Signaling - Duobinary Signaling6.2 EQUALIZER 6.2.1 Zero-Forcing Equalizer (ZFE) 6.2.2 MMSE Equalizer (MMSEE) 6.2.3 Adaptive Equalizer (ADE) 6.2.4 Decision Feedback Equalizer (DFE)CHAPTER 7: PASSBAND DIGITAL TRANSMISSION7.1 AMPLITUDE MODULATION - AMPLITUDE SHIFT KEYING (ASK)7.2 FREQUENCY MODULATION - FREQUENCY SHIFT KEYING (FSK)7.3 PHASE MODULATION - PHASE SHIFT KEYING (PSK)7.4 DIFFERENTIAL PHASE SHFT KEYING (DPSK)7.5 QUADRATURE AMPLITUDE MODULATION (QAM) - PAM/PSK7.6 COMPARISON OF VARIOUS SIGNALINGSCHAPTER 8: CARRIER RECOVERY AND SYMBOL SYNCHRONIZATION8.1 INTRODUCTION8.2 PLL (PHASE-LOCKED LOOP)8.3 ESTIMATION OF CARRIER PHASE USING PLL8.4 CARRIER PHASE RECOVERY 8.4.1 Carrier Phase Recovery Using Squaring Loop for BPSK 8.4.2 Carrier Phase Recovery Using Costas Loop for PSK 8.4.3 Carrier Phase Recovery for QAM Signals8.5 SYMBOL SYNCHRONIZATION (TIMING RECOVERY) 8.5.1 Early-Late Gate Timing Recovery for BPSK Signals 8.5.2 NDA-ELD Synchronizer for PSK SignalsCHAPTER 9: INFORMATION AND CODIN9.1 MEASURE OF INFORMATION - ENTROPY9.2 SOURCE CODING 9.2.1 Huffman Coding 9.2.2 Lempel-Zip-Welch Coding 9.2.3 Source Coding vs. Channel Coding9.3 CHANNEL MODEL AND CHANNEL CAPACITY9.4 CHANNEL CODING 9.4.1 Waveform Coding 9.4.2 Linear Block Coding 9.4.3 Cyclic Coding 9.4.4 Convolutional Coding and Viterbi Decoding 9.4.5 Trellis-Coded Modulation (TCM) 9.4.6 Turbo Coding 9.4.7 Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC) Coding 9.4.8 Differential Space-Time Block Coding (DSTBC)9.5 CODING GAINCHAPTER 10: SPREAD-SPECTRUM SYSTEM10.1 PN (Pseudo Noise) Sequence10.2 DS-SS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum)10.3 FH-SS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)CHAPTER 11: OFDM SYSTEM11.1 OVERVIEW OF OFDM11.2 FREQUENCY BAND AND BANDWIDTH EFFICIENCY OF OFDM11.3 CARRIER RECOVERY AND SYMBOL SYNCHRONIZATION11.4 CHANNEL ESTIMATION AND EQUALIZATION11.5 INTERLEAVING AND DEINTERLEAVING11.6 PUNCTURING AND DEPUNCTURING11.7 IEEE STANDARD 802.11A - 1999

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Matlab
Keyword: Carrier Comparison Earlylate Estimation Introduction Loop Pampsk Phaselocked Pll Recovery Signalingschapter Signals Symbol Synchronization Timing
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