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Guestbook Perl Script Script 1.05

  Date Added: May 02, 2013  |  Visits: 6.019

Guestbook Perl Script Script

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Visitors who come to your site will be able to leave comments and other general information about themselves.If you want to know what your visitors are thinking, and if you want an attractive, fully customizable script, this one is perfect for you.Features include template files to fit any website design, 9 standard fields, 9 extra fields (customizable), unlimited entries, and easy to use admin area.FEATURESFULLY CUSTOMIZABLEThis guestbook can appear on your website however you want. We produced the script so that it will be able to fit the design of any type of website. This is one of the huge advantages over other scripts. Most guestbook scripts do not allow you to display the guestbook as you would like.Most have a standard format that must be displayed how they designed it. We get by this obstacle by using template files, which is the key to developing a script like ours.USES TEMPLATE FILESThis script uses template files which means that it will be fully customizable to your design. To do this you will make the html pages however you wish, like you have done in the past.The only small difference is that you will insert special codes in your html (tags) which will instruct the script where to replace information. This is a very powerful feature which most webmasters need.SECURITY CODE VERIFICATIONThe security code verification feature creates a random image with uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers of different sizes, colors, and rotation angles. For one of your visitors to enter data into your guestbook they must type this code into the security field box. With this feature enabled it will prevent automated spam bots from successfully spamming your guestbook since the robots will not be able to read the image. This will ensure that only real human beings are entering comments into your guestbook.SUPER FAST SCRIPTWe have produced this script with the goal of making it fast. When we write our code we ensure that we are doing it in a meaninful matter which will avoid unnecessary loops which is usually the reason for slow scripts that eat a great deal of memory.9 STANDARD FIELDSThis script comes with nine standard fields that you can use or not use. The standard fields include: name, email, homepage, city, state, country, referred by, rating of site, and comments. Again you can use any ones you wish.9 EXTRA FIELDS (CUSTOMIZABLE)The script also allows you to enter up to nine additional fields that you might want to use specific to your site. We label these from item1 to item9, and you can fully customize these fields.EASY TO USE ADMIN AREAThe admin interface is extremely easy to use. The design is pleasing to the eye and it allows you to edit or delete any of the entries, change options such as how many entries will appear per page, and change the admin password.REPORTS DATE AND TIMEWhen a visitor submits an entry the guestbook will log the date and time that the entry took place. You can set the timezone in the admin area to be specific to your area or another area so that you can base the time wherever you want.REPORTS TOTAL ENTRIESEach entry has the option to be marked with the entry number for that guestbook. Many webmasters like this because they can immediately know how many entries are in their guestbook and it can give visitors an idea of how popular their site may be.Of course if you do not wish to use this feature you do not have to. The admin area will also display the total entries you have.LIMIT DISPLAYED ENTRIES PER PAGEIn the admin area you can set how many entries will appear on each page for the guestbook. This number can be set to whatever number you wish.The script will automatically compute how many pages there are and will make every one for you. Again it will base the design from the template files which you can fully customize.UNLIMITED ENTRIES, UNLIMITED PAGESThis guestbook can have an umlimited amount of entries on an unlimited amount of pages. This is a must, especially for larger websites, and the script does all the work for you.STANDARD FIELDS HAVE ERROR DETECTIONThe standard fields that we mentioned above have error detection. That means that it will determine whether information entered by users are valid. For example, if the visitor decides to enter an email address the guestbook script will check and make sure the email address is valid.USES LITTLE PROCESSING POWER FROM SERVERThe script itself will barely even touch your processor as it has been designed in a way to only use the minimal amount of functions to get the job done. This also makes the script extremely fast which will keep your visitors happy.EASY SETUPSetup is fairly easy. Right now the only hard part is our limited installation instructions which can make it more difficult to install. We will be working on making the installation easier and the instructions better.If you encounter any problems trying to install the script we will be here to help. We can also install the script for you for a small fee. Just give us an email if you need more details.VERY AFFORDABLE SCRIPTWe have decided to make this script very affordable so that many different types of webmasters can use it. This is an oustanding price for what the script allows you to do.UPDATES AVAILABLE TO MEMBERSUpdates will be made if bugs are found, or if we decide to add new features. Any ideas for additional features are always welcome as our goal is to produce the highest quality scripts on the internet.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: CGI and Perl
Keyword: Admin Amount Comments Design Email Entries Entry Feature Fields Files Fully Guestbook Guestbook Perl Script Script 1 05 Information Pages Script Scripts Standard Template Visitors
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 163.84 KB
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