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EZHomepagePro 1.5

  Date Added: May 30, 2013  |  Visits: 353


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EZHomepagePro is a web community with a homepage as its focus. When a visitor or customer registers for your homepage, they become a member that can exchange and post photos, private message each other or email each other among other things.Members have their own private calendar were they can schedule appointments and events. If the administrator allows it, a member can have their own place to upload images and documents for storage, an easy reference is provided for all uploaded files.The members can view other members profiles in the Profile area. From there they can choose a member and view such thing as their name, sex, marital status, hobbies/bio and more, links are also provided to PM or Email the member.There is also a search area for members to search for other members according to first/last name, country, state, city, phone number, etc... They control their accounts in the "MY Profile" are, from there they can edit their personal information or set their preferences, like the page style, time offset or whether to allow emails to be sent to them. The homepage itself has personalized weather if they live in the United States.There is also Top News, Stocks, Sports and Entertainment. You can view the top virus alerts and download to most recent tools to remove them.You have full control though the Admin area. You can edit/delete/view any members profile from the admin page. There are links to other parts of the admin area.Admin can search for a member from the search page. The Newsletter area is a built in version of EZNewsletter and has the same features.Members sign-up separately from the Homepage so that they choose if they want a newsletter or not. You can send the newsletters in either HTML or text.The Gallery is a much improved version of EZGallery with full admin control over the Gallery. Members are an Email away in the email area where you can email the members individually or send a mass email.Set the Maintenance Mode in the Setting area, you can even customize a message to display while in maintenance mode.Some of the other things you can do in the settings area are:- Set the number of galleries each member can have,- Ban/reserve names,- Set the Default Style,- decide whether or not to allow the uploads page...if so you can restrict the type of files that can be uploaded.Admin sets the size of images allowed in the profile area and writes the footer for the newsletter. The announcement feature is also located here and can be written in either HTML or text. From Styles page you can edit/delete page styles or you can create your own, EZHomepagePro comes with three built-in styles. These are only some of the features of the Admin section.The Gallery has all the standard features you usually find in online galleries. Members can have multiple Galleries up to the number set by Admin. They can name the galleries anything they want, they can even give it a name another member is using, members supply a comment/description for each gallery and they can disignate it either Public or private.If they designate a gallery as "Public" Non-members can upload to it. The gallery is the one of the only places where members can interact with the puplic. You can put a link to a page were non-members can view all galleries and upload to public ones.There is a main Gallery that lists all the members and shows an image from one of their galleries. This is the starting point to view the images in each members galleries. The final page after navigating to an image is a 400x400 image with navagation buttons below it to page through the images in that gallery.Admin has full control over the gallery. You can access each members gallery just as if you were that member. Admin also has the ability to suspend members galleries. If member is suspended they can still access their gallery account to fix the problem that got them suspended in the first place.There are three styles built in; Classic which is a variation of the EZHomepageBasic style, Autumn which was popular with the beta testers, and BlackAndWhite which is my favorite. All styles can be fine tuned in the Admin area or admin can make their own style.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: ASP.NET
Keyword: Admin Control Ezhomepagepro 1 5 Galleries Gallery Homepage Image Images Member Members Number Search Style Styles Upload
Users rating: 0/10

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