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JFFNMS 0.8.3

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 553


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JFFNMS is a Network Management and Monitoring System designed to monitor a IP SNMP / Syslog / Tacacs Network. It can be used to monitor any standards compilant SNMP device, Server, Router, TCP port or anything you want, if you write a custom poller, we also provide some Cisco focused features.Features:System - Written in PHP (works in PHP5) - Fully tested on Linux, FreeBSD and Win2K - Should work on any other system which supports PHP - PHP/cron scripts for polling, analizing and consolidating data - Database Backend MySQL or PostgreSQL - Configurable Event Types and Severity Levels - Modular and Extensible - Advanced Event Filter - Interface & Host/Network Autodiscovery - Licensed under the GNU GPL Web GUI - Event Console, Shows Events / Tacacs / Syslog / Alarms in the same time-ordered display - Map & Sub-Map support - Graphical Interface Traffic, Round Trip Time, Packet Loss Monitoring, and a LOT more - Variable Time Span in the graphs - Completly adminstrable via web - Sound Alerts in your browser - Events RDF/RSS Feed (for newstickers) - Works with SSL/HTTPS Reports - Traffic Bytes - Utilization % - Packets per Second, Errors per Second, Error Rate - Round Trip Time and Packet Loss (Cisco & Smokeping) - Drops - TCP Connections: Incoming, Outgoing, Established, Delay - Number of Processes, Number of Users - Used Memory and Disks with Aggregation - Processor Utilization and Load Average - Temperature Integration - Tacacs Authentication and Accounting - Syslog Logging with PCRE Matching - SNMP Trap Handler - TFTP Configuration Download and Archival (Cisco IOS & CatOS) - Smokeping - MSyslog (custom) and Syslog-NG Support - fping Reachability and Packet Loss - NTP Synchronization Verification - NMAP for TCP Port Discovery - Linux TC (traffic shapper) via custom net-snmp plugin, for TC Class Graphing - Linux IPTables Firewall via custom net-snmp plugin, for Firewall Packets and Traffic monitoring. Supported SNMP MIBs & Other Monitoring - Interfaces (Network cards) - Host (Processor, Load Average) - Storage (Disks and Memory) - Applications Running (HostMIB) - Cisco Ping (RTT & PL on Cisco) - BGP4 (BGP sessions status) - TCP (TCP Connections, Delay) - Cisco MAC Accounting - Cisco IP Accounting - Cisco CSS - Cisco SA Agent - Cisco Enviormental (Temperature, Voltage, etc) - Cisco NAT (Number of binds and PPS) - Cisco PIX (Number of connections) - Internet Information Server (IIS) MIB - Livingstone PortMaster3 Serial Line MIB - Compaq Insight Manager MIB (Disk, Fan and Temperature) - Apache /server-status monitoring - APC UPSs - Alteon - Brocade - Sensors MIB (hrSensor, tested with LMSensors) - UPS MIB (tested with Riello) - Windows Informant Disk Usage Others - TCP Port Content Regexp Checking (or URL) - Configurable per Circuit SLA's (with RPN logic) - Internal Authorization Framework - Per Event Journals and Acknowledge - Triggers / Actions Framework for email/others alerts. - Database Abstraction Framework - CSV Export - Distributed Polling - Object Oriented - Consistent API

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Windows, *nix, Linux, PHP , BSD
Keyword: Management Monitoring Network Network Management Network Monitoring Networking Tools
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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