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RokTextile 1.0

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 295


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RokTextile is a Joomla! content mambot that provides Textile functionality for content. RokTextile uses TextilePHP by Jim Riggs of which in turn is a PHP implementation of the Textile shorthand syntax. Textile is used to create valid (X)HTML output without using HTML markup. It was originally developed by Dean Allen of, and several different versions (in several different programming languages) have been created.TextileThe Textile text formatting option takes a lot of the pain out of HTML composition. Textile works by looking at your text in terms of lines and paragraphs. Paragraphs are composed of one or more lines, separated by a single new-line character. Paragraphs are separated by one or more blank lines. - Replace single and double primes (' and ") used as quotation marks with HTML entities for opening and closing quotation marks (‘’ and “”) in readable text, while leaving untouched the primes required within HTML tags. - Replace double hyphens (—) with an em-dash (—) entity. - Replace single hyphens surrounded by spaces with an en-dash (–) entity. - Replace triplets of periods (…) with an ellipsis (…) entity. - Convert many nonstandard characters (ŸúߊπŒ) to browser-safe entities corresponding to keyboard input. - Apply block- and phrase-level structural tags automatically and at the discretion of the writer via quick tags. - Allow the quick creation of simple and complex tables - Allow the simple application of style, class, id, language and alignment attributes to elements - Create hyperlinks and insert images via quick tags. - Define acronyms via quick tags - Wrap an tag around runs of three or more capital letters automatically. - Convert (TM), (R), and (C) to ™, ®, and © - Convert the letter x to a dimension sign: 2x4 to 2×4 and 8 x 10 to 8×10 Block FormattingFor each new paragraph, you may begin the paragraph with one of the following markers: - hn. A lowercase ‘h’, followed by the number 1-6, followed with a period (.) and a space begins a heading tag. The tag will be numbered after the number you specify. The entire block will be enclosed in the header tag. - bq. A lowercase ‘bq.’ will define a blockquote block. - p. A lowercase ‘p.’ will define a paragraph tag. This is the default if no other marker is specified. - # A block beginning with ‘#’ will start a numbered list. - * A block beginning with ‘*’ will start a bulleted list. - == A block beginning with ‘==’ will cause Textile to turn off its formatting rules until it reaches the ending ‘==’ (which may be at the end of the current paragraph or some later paragraph). - Wiki Tables You can use Wiki-style syntax to build simple tables. All these markers must be at the beginning of the new paragraph, without any leading spaces. If line breaks exist within the block, they will be translated into tags automatically. And optionally, you may add a CSS class name in parenthesis preceding the period of the heading, blockquote or paragraph markers. If a CSS class name is given in this way, it will be assigned to the block tag.You may also use regular block formatting HTML tags if you prefer.Inline FormattingWithin each block, the following inline formatting shortcuts are provided: - _emphasis_: Text surrounded underscores will be formatted using the tag. - *strong* Text surrounded by asterisks will be formatted using the tag. - ??citation?? Text surrounded by a pair of question marks, it will be formatted using the tag. - -deleted text- Text surrouned by a single dash will be formatted using the tag. - inserted text Text surrounded by plus signs will be formatted using the tag. - ^superscript^ Text surrounded by caret characters will be formatted using the tag. - ~subscript~ Text surrounded by tilde characters will be formatted using the tag. - “linktext”:url Text within quotes followed with a colon and a URL (fully qualified or relative) will be formatted into a hyperlink. You can also add a title for the like this: "linktext (title)":url. - !image_url! A URL (fully qualified or relative) within exclamation characters will be formatted into an tag. You can also add ‘alt’ text for the tag like this: !image_url(alt text)! - ABC(Acronyms Be Cool) Uppercase alpha-numeric characters followed by text in parenthesis will be formatted into an tag (using the parenthetic text for the ‘title’ attribute). A series of two or more uppercase alpha-numeric characters will be wrapped with a tag and assigned the ‘caps’ class.You can also use regular HTML tags when composing your entries. Also, special characters within your entry text such as , &, international and symbol characters will automatically be escaped into equivalent HTML entities.If you use a tag, it isn’t necessary to escape special characters within it— they will be automatically escaped, until the closing tag is reached. Character Formatting - (tm) translates to ™ - (c) translates to © - (r) translates to ® - nxn When letter ‘x’ is surrounded with digits, it is translated to the × character. Additionally, the raw symbols for ™, © and ® will be escaped to HTML entities. Most international characters and symbols will also be escaped to HTML entities.Unescaped & characters within tag attributes will be escaped automatically.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Windows, *nix, Linux, PHP , BSD
Keyword: Joomla Joomla Module Joomla Roktextile Module Roktextile Roktextile Module
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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