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Feh script 1.3.4

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 222

Feh script

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Feh script is an image viewer application.Features: - Simple image viewing. - Multiple image viewing (slideshow). feh {images}... loads and displays the first image, and then key controls, mouse clicks or mouse-wheel turns change slides. You can also specify a delay so that feh changes slides for you after X seconds - Multiple image viewing in multiwindows. feh -w {images}... loads and displays each image in its own feh window. - Image viewing in fullscreen. - Fullscreen mode for slideshows or single images. Also a booth mode to change the fullscreen image periodically - Image list mode. - Feh can output an 'ls' style listing of the images specified, including image parameters such as width, height, size etc. Useful in scripts. - Loadable/unloadable listing. - Feh can list either all the loadable images from those specified, or all the unloadable images. Useful for preening a directory of dud images. - Recursive file opening. - Open every file in a directory structure? Sure, just feh -r directory. It'll ignore files it can't recognise as images. Also, in slideshow mode, feh only keeps one image in memory at a time, so you can happily do "feh -r /" and be sure not to bring your box to its knees. - Sorting of the filelist Having built an image list from the images/directories you specify, feh can sort it via a number of parameters. From filename/imagename through to width, height or pixel size and more. Useful to see images in resolution or size order... - Saving/loading filelists Just like an mp3 player, feh can save and load filelists. This is great in combination with sorting options or recursive file opening, as it stores the results for speedy re-use. You can use it to organise your images. - Loading images via homepage Specify a url as a filename, and feh will download the file (using wget, which you must have installed for this feature to work) and view it, optionally keeping the file afterwards. - Reloading after delay. Especially useful for viewing webcam images via homepage the reload options lets you reload the image with caching disabled after every X seconds, where you specify X. - Montage creation. feh -m {images}... creates a montage image containing snapshots of all the images you specify. There are a huge number of commandline options to control the behaviour of this mode. - Collage creation. Feh can create collages too. Similar to montages, but with random image placement. - Index print creation. Creates an index print showing snapshots of all images, with the filename, filesize and pixel size of each image underneath it. - Thumbnail browser. Show an thumbnail index of the specified files, each thumbnail may be clicked to open the specified file in a new window. The thumbnail management spec is supported. (shared thumbnail caching) - In-place editing Rotate images in place for quick re-orientation. *new* For jpegs, rotation is lossless using the lossless JPEG rotation algorithms. Exif information is also preserved. - Background setting Set your X background, tiled, scaled, centered or seamlessly, keeping state in window managers that support it and offering state preservation for wms that don't.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux, C/C++ , BSD
Keyword: Gallery Image Image Slideshow Image Viewer Slideshow Slideshow Viewer
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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