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WSN Guest 1.22

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 478

WSN Guest

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WSN Guest is a fully customizable and translatable guestbook.Features: - Setup is simple. The setup script asks for your database info and then automatically sets up your directory for you. - Fully customizable. All of the HTML which is displayed to your visitors (as well as most of the admin panel HTML) can be customized through the templates. You may either edit your templates offline through the HTML editor of your choice, or make use of the online editor in the admin panel which allows you to preview changes, search for a string, et cetera. - Stylesheet. Change the entire color scheme by editing style.css, so that you don't have to go through the templates individually. - Translatable. All user-viewable language is handled though the language section of your admin panel, rather than in templates, to make translation easy. A German (informal) version is available, but remains incomplete with several items in English. Note that the languages do not translate the administration panel (they do cover part of it, but not all of it), only visitor-viewable text. - Security image. If you have GD, stop spam by making guests copy letters from an image. - Integrate with your existing forum member database, or other member system. Pre-installed integration options include vBulletin 3.0, Invision Board, phpBB and WSN Links. Create a new integration script in seconds if you can check the names of the member fields of the other script through phpmyadmin. - Add new fields. Add as many new entry, comment or member fields as you like, no limits. - Country, state and birthday selectors. - Guests can comment on each other's entries. Each entry has its own thread for responses. - Registration options. Use direct registration, require e-mail validation, or require manual validation of members by the admin. - Advanced usergroup permissions. Create custom usergroups, and specify the exact permissions of guests, registered members and administrators. - Custom permissions restrictions. Via a comment at the top of any template, quickly restrict the viewing of that page to particular usergroups. - Search. Simple search for entries, or advanced searches for entries, comments or members. Choose which fields apply for the simple search. - E-mail notifications. Get an email informing you when someone signs, and send out an automated thank you email to the person who signs. - Restrict message length. Set max and min number of characters per entry and comment. - Create a toplist. Anywhere you wish, list the top x entries, comments or members ordered by the field of your choice and filtered by a condition of your choice. - Custom templates. Create as many new templates as you need, and use toplists or globally available template variables in them. - WSN Codes. Disallow HTML in user submissions if you wish, and replace HTML functions with custom WSN Codes. Create as many as you like. - Smilies. Add an unlimited number of smilies. - Avatars. Guests can choose an avatar when they register, with image types and maximum dimensions being your choice. - Member profiles. Each member has their own page with their info listed on it. - Censor. Censor offensive words, if you wish. - IP banning. Rid yourself of troublemakers by banning IP ranges. - Required fields. Select exactly which fields you wish to require the guest to fill in. - Simulated cron jobs. Run a custom script every x days, if you choose. - E-mail members or guests. Send a mass e-mail to members who fit the conditions you specify, or to people who have signed where the entry fits the conditions you specify. - Hide entries from the listings. Remove them from the list temporarily. - Validation. Specify for each usergroup if the admin will have to validate their entries, comments, or entry edits. - Sort. The visitor can sort entries in any order, and the admin can set the default orders for entries, comments and members. Requirements: - PHP 4.1.0+ (or PHP 5) - MySQL 3+ - A knowledge of HTML is very useful for taking full advantage of the template system.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Windows, Mac, *nix, Mac OSX, Linux, PHP , BSD Solaris
Keyword: Guestbook Guestbook Manager Guestbook Suport Guestbook Tool Manager Tool
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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