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@1 File Store PRO 3.2

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 603

@1 File Store PRO

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A file archive plus membership access system written in PHP MySQL. Users signup or get added by the Admins or Sub-Admins. The Admins or Sub-Admins decide which "Group" each User belongs to. The Admins create folders and sub-folders for file archiving. The Admins decide which "Group" of Users can access which folders and sub-folders. Depending on the folder setting and access permission, Users can download and/or upload files.FeaturesUser Signup. You can set in the config file which mode to use:1 = No need approval. User approved automatically and assigned to the pre-defined group. Instant access to file archive.0 = Require approval from Admins or Sub-Admins before a new User's account is accepted.There are 3 types of access status in this system: Admins, Sub-Admins and Users.   GroupsThe Admins can create multiple user Groups.A group may contain multiple Users. Each User can only be assigned to one group.The Admins pre-defines different welcome messages for different groups. Upon login, different Users will see different messages depending on the groups they belong to. HTML supported in welcome messages.       FoldersThe Admins can create multiple folders and sub-folders.The Admins decides which groups (of Users) can access which folders and sub-folders.The Admins can make folders and sub-folders "Admin upload only". In this case, only the Admins and Sub-Admins can upload files to these folders.The Users will ONLY see the folders and sub-folders accessible to them.       File Upload ApprovalMode 1: Admin or Sub-Admin approval required ("PUBLIC_APPROVED" set to "1")When a file is uploaded by a User, emails will be sent to all the Admins and all the Sub-Admins.When the file upload is approved by either an Admin or a Sub-Admin, it will be made visible to the Users. Email will be sent to the User informing him that the file he uploaded has been approved.The Admins or the Sub-Admins can edit/delete the uploaded files.The Admins or the Sub-Admins can upload files directly (no need approval).Mode 2: Admin/Sub-Admin approval NOT required ("PUBLIC_APPROVED" set to "0")When a file is uploaded by a User, it will be added directly to the file list.Email notification is turned off since no approval is needed.User ManagementOnly the Admins can create/edit/delete Sub-Admins.The Admins or the Sub-Admins can edit/delete the profile of any User. They decides if a User has the authority to upload files. If not, the User can only download files.Emails are sent to all the Admins and Sub-Admins when a new User has signed up.Email is sent to the User when his account is approved.The email notification can be globally turned off in the config file.InstallationConfigure config.php.Create a main folder "filestore" in the ROOT directory (www.yourdomain/filestore).Upload all files/folders in the same structure as the ZIP file. For example, the location of "main.php" should be the folders "data", "template_c" and "temporary" to 777.Chmod the folder "control" and all its sub-folders to 777. Chmod all files under the "control" folder's sub-folders to 666.Create MySQL tables using the "dump.sql" file. You can do this by pasting the content of dump.sql into:phpMyAdmin >> [select your database] >> SQL >> Run QueriesPoint your browser to the "autoapprove_install.php". The script will create a new group called "Public" for auto-approval feature. Skip this step if you turned OFF the auto-approve feature under config.php.Backup and delete the files "autoapprove_install.php", "upgrade_only.sql" and"dump.sql" for security reasons.Point your browser to the "filestore" folder. Default master admin login is "admin/admin".Immediately after successful login, click on the link at the bottom-right of the page to see your license validity. If the license is not valid, please contact UPOINT at the Helpdesk.Go to "Users" (left panel) and edit your "admin" profile. Then you may start creating Groups and Directories (Folders).

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Windows, Mac, *nix, Mac OSX, Linux, PHP , BSD Solaris
Keyword: File File Management File Storage Group Group File Management Management
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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