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po2c 1.0.2

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 245


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po2c is a small Perl script that takes a bunch of gettext (.po) language translation files from its command line arguments and dumps a C source code file containing all those messages and the necessary functions to use them without any other dependency.<br /><br />This is useful when you want to deploy .po translated strings to systems where no easy gettext support exist (for example, win32) or when a unique, self-contained binary without external file dependencies is convenient (for example, embedded or small systems).<br /><br />The resulting C source code file include the original and translated messages as a group of static, NULL terminated pointer-to-string arrays and the following two C functions:<br /><br />void po2c_setlang(char * lang);<br />char * po2c_gettext(char * msgid);<br /><br />The first one, po2c_setlang(), is used to set the user favourite language, probably got from him or read from any of the LANG, LC_ALL or LC_MESSAGES environment variables. the processed .po files' names must match those language strings.<br /><br />The second one, po2c_gettext(), is exactly orthogonal to the original gettext() function; the msgid is the character string to translate. It returns the translated string if found, or the same msgid otherwise.<br /><br />EXAMPLES<br /><br />Suppose you have a directory named po and the following two files,<br />po/es.po:<br /><br />#spanish translations<br />msgid "Good morning!"<br />msgstr "??N*?*Buenos d??N*?*as!"<br /><br />and po/fr.po:<br /><br />#french translations<br />msgid "Good morning!"<br />msgstr "Bon jour!"<br /><br />Then running the following command:<br /><br />po2c po/*.po > lang.c<br /><br />Will result in the following lang.c C source file:<br /><br />/* generated by po2c 1.0.2 - Do not modify */<br /><br />#include<br />#include<br /><br />static char * _po2c_msgids[] = {<br />/* 0 */ "Good morning!",<br />NULL<br />};<br /><br />struct _po2c_msg {<br />int msgid;<br />char * msgstr;<br />};<br /><br />static struct _po2c_msg _po2c_lang_fr[] = {<br />{ 0, "Bon jour!" },<br />{ -1, NULL }<br />};<br /><br />static struct _po2c_msg _po2c_lang_es[] = {<br />{ 0, "??N*?*Buenos d??N*?*as!" },<br />{ -1, NULL }<br />};<br /><br />static struct {<br />char * lang;<br />struct _po2c_msg * msgs;<br />} _po2c_langs[] = {<br />{ "fr", _po2c_lang_fr },<br />{ "es", _po2c_lang_es },<br />{ NULL, NULL }<br />};<br /><br />/* code */<br /><br />static struct _po2c_msg * _po2c_lang=NULL;<br />static int _po2c_lang_size=0;<br /><br />void po2c_setlang(char * lang)<br />{<br />int n;<br /><br />_po2c_lang=NULL;<br />_po2c_lang_size=0;<br /><br />/* if lang is NULL or "", deactivate it */<br />if(lang == NULL || *lang == '??N*?*')<br />return;<br /><br />/* searches for a valid language array */<br />for(n=0;_po2c_lang == NULL && _po2c_langs[n].lang != NULL;n++)<br />{<br />if(strcmp(lang, _po2c_langs[n].lang) == 0)<br />_po2c_lang=_po2c_langs[n].msgs;<br />}<br /><br />/* try partial searches */<br />for(n=0;_po2c_lang == NULL && _po2c_langs[n].lang != NULL;n++)<br />{<br />if(strncmp(lang, _po2c_langs[n].lang, 2) == 0)<br />_po2c_lang=_po2c_langs[n].msgs;<br />}<br /><br />/* if found, count entries */<br />if(_po2c_lang != NULL)<br />{<br />struct _po2c_msg * m;<br /><br />for(m=_po2c_lang;m->msgid != -1;m++)<br />_po2c_lang_size++;<br />}<br />}<br /><br />char * po2c_gettext(char * msgid)<br />{<br />struct _po2c_msg * m;<br />int b, t, n, c;<br /><br />/* if no language is set or msgid is empty, return msgid as is */<br />if(_po2c_lang == NULL || *msgid == '??N*?*')<br />return(msgid);<br /><br />/* binary-search for the msgid */<br />b=0; t=_po2c_lang_size - 1;<br /><br />while(t >= b)<br />{<br />n=(b + t) / 2;<br />m=&_po2c_lang[n];<br /><br />c=strcmp(msgid, _po2c_msgids[m->msgid]);<br /><br />if(c == 0)<br />return(m->msgstr);<br />else<br />if(c < 0)<br />t=n - 1;<br />else<br />b=n + 1;<br />}<br /><br />return(msgid);<br />}<br /><br />You can compile and link it against your code. There, you'll add the function prototypes and use them.<br />

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: *nix, Linux, Perl , BSD
Keyword: Development Development Tool Language Language Translation Translation Translation Files
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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