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Kentico CMS 3.1a 1.0

  Date Added: May 10, 2013  |  Visits: 435

Kentico CMS 3.1a

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It can be used to set up community and corporate web sites or on-line stores. Key features "Kentico CMS": - Easy-to-use editor - Blogs - Workflow - Forums - International Support - E-commerce - Advanced Security - Event Calendar and Booking System - Rapid Development - Newsletter - Open API a Extensibility - Image Gallery - Easy Deployment and Content Staging - On-line Forms - Friendly URLs and SEO - Private Messaging - Full-text Search - Polls - Web Analytics - Wiki - Reporting - Geomapping Limitations: - Free edition: - 1 global administrator user account per installation - 1 editor per web site - 1000 documents/pages per web site - 100 site members per web site - you are required to put the Powered by Kentico CMS logo in the footer of all pages managed by Kentico CMS - the support is available only through forums without any guarantee (e-mail and phone support is only available for the users of the paid editions and for evaluators) What's New in This Release: New: - Administration UI: HTML editor is used for editing invoice. - Administration UI: Link to an existing document can be created from the context menu. - Administration UI: New macro selector control is used to insert all possible macros to the text. - Administration UI: Color picker control now includes preview of the selected color. - Administration UI: Section summary for the pages of administration UI. - Administration UI: Minor improvements in all UI. - General: Improved output filter functionality. - General: All regular expressions for validation and macro resolving were optimized. - General: Performance optimizations for amount of data and memory consumption. - General: Configurable selection between standard and session authentication cookies. - Ecommerce: Product price can be optionally displayed with or without tax. - Ecommerce: Product option list can be now paged. - Ecommerce: User account can be created at the same time as customer account from CMSDesk. - Ecommerce: All currency related values can be now recalculated when changing main currency. - Ecommerce: Tax class details can be edited when selecting tax classes for specified product. - Ecommerce: Shopping cart process step indexes can be now optionally hidden or visible. - Ecommerce: My Account web part tabs can be now displayed either in horizontal or vertical layout. - Ecommerce: Shipping options are now displayed with their charge in the checkout process. - Ecommerce: All errors while loading payment provider, payment form or checkout process step are now logged. - Event log: Event details can be exported to the file. - Event log: Events can be optionally logged to the file now. - Modules: Module description field was added. - Modules: Module permission description field was added. - Modules: New Display permission for all modules. Module is now hidden in tools menu when user is not granted with module display permission. - Newsletter: Imported users can be optionally subscribed / unsubscribed to the selected newsletters. - Newsletter: Email queue can be now deleted at once. - Scheduler: User can see how many times each task was executed. - Settings: Settings can be exported to the file. - Staging: Reject task is now generated for synchronization with target server when document is rejected. - Staging: Update doc task is now generated for synchronization with target server when document is moved up or down in the content tree. - System: Testing e-mails can be sent with attachments. - Web farms: Web farm synchronization tasks can be now filtered by server. - Web farms: Servers can be now disabled to avoid tasks logging for them. - Web farms: MachineName field was added to the web farm tasks. - Web parts: Improved scrolling text web part. - Web parts: Improved current user web part. Changes: - General: XHTML output filter is now turned off by default on all sample web sites. - Web parts: Properties NestedRepeaterID and NestedDataListID were replaced by NestedControlsID property. Bug fixes: - Administration UI: RTL languages layout was completely reviewed and fixed. - Administration UI: Some pages weren't properly handled for cross-site scripting. - Administration UI: Minor fixes for IE7 and FF3. - Administration UI: Security fixes for some UI pages - BizForms: Incorrect security check was applied in permission dialog. - BizForms: Administration of BizForm layout used too strict permissions. - Booking module: Event allowed negative capacity. - CMSDesk: Select file dialog couldn't upload file on Windows Vista. - CMSDesk: Document links with workflow could cause inconsistency in document tree if the document was moved. - CMSDesk: Notify when leaving page wasn't applied in some cases. - CMSDesk: Spell checker didn't work for words with some culture-specific characters. - CMSDesk: Published information in document properties wasn't evaluated properly. - CMSDesk: The document wasn't inserted on the correct position when the default order was changed from alphabetical to first. - Content: Metadata content wasn't properly encoded to the output HTML. - Content: When the image caching was on, original image could be returned instead of the resized image. - Content: Cached attachment wasn't removed from the cache if the attachment was updated from API. - Content: ASPX editable controls were losing the content with specific workflow operations. - Content: Copying of published document didn't include the published attachments. - Content: Rollback to the oldest version in version history could lose the version attachments. - Content: File field could lose the attachment when copying the culture version from specific language. - Content: When the attachment field of the document type was removed, attachments weren't deleted. - Content: Allowed extensions for upload fields didn't have the same format in all settings. - Content: Uploaded files allowed "+" sign in the filename, which couldn't be correctly processed by IIS7. - Content: GetFile script didn't handle the permissions correctly. - Controls: Editable image could cause null reference exception in specific scenarios. - Controls: Radiobutton list form control didn't apply some settings correctly. - Controls: Form control text area didn't validate the field length properly. - Controls: Property UseImagePath for editable image control didn't work properly. - Controls: Radiobutton list form control couldn't have empty default value. - Controls: Change password control didn't handle the Visible property correctly. - Documentation: Minor fixes in the documentation. - ECommerce: Payment methods and Shipping options weren't displayed properly in their selection. - ECommerce: Available amount validation could not work correctly in specific scenarios. - E-mails: Some e-mails contained multiple Content-Type headers. - E-mails: GetEmailTemplates method threw an exception. - File import: Files couldn't be imported to the location covered by workflow process. - General: Automatic import of Windows authenticated users wasn't working correctly for non-existing users. - General: Changing the code name of the web site could cause problems with live site if the application wasn't restarted. - General: Application couldn't properly start in Integrated mode of IIS7. - General: Culture of the live site wasn't changed correctly in some cases with full page caching configuration. - General: Uzbek cultures weren't defined properly. - General: Changing the order of items didn't clear the cached objects properly. - General: Localized transformations weren't cached. - General: Float number validation and conversion couldn't handle small numbers with exponent. - General: Param tag of the object element could cause incorrect HTML code when processed by output filter. - Import/Export: Forum posts weren't properly imported from old version package. - Import/Export: Custom web part categories couldn't be handled by import process in some specific cases. - Import/Export: Some delete tasks couldn't be processed correctly on import. - Import/Export: Existing site was deleted if import fails because of the existing site with the same name. - Import/Export: Process log couldn't work in specific scenarios. - Import/Export: Preselection of objects wasn't working properly when repeated. - Import/Export: Next button wasn't disabled in FF3. - Import/Export: Document fields with only field length changed weren't updated on import. - Newsletter: Some e-mails could use different culture for unsubscription link and for other newsletter content. - Newsletter: Newsletter module couldn't handle large amount of e-mails in specific scenarios. - Newsletter: Some e-mails were duplicated in specific scenarios. - Newsletter: Resend functionality wasn't working properly. - Newsletter: Scheduled task for the newsletter wasn't rescheduled if configuration changed. - Newsletter: New issue couldn't be placed to the Newsletter archive - Newsletter: Generation of the e-mail queue was using too many database queries. - Newsletter: Some newsletter pages didn't check all required permissions. - Newsletter: Newsletter archive didn't resolve the macros properly. - Output filter: Button text containing tag characters could damage the output HTML code. - Polls: Multiple polls couldn't work properly on the same page. - Polls: Incorrect security check was applied in permission dialog. - Portal engine: Some pages could be displayed with wrong page template in heavy load. - Portal engine: If the CSS stylesheet of the site wasn't set, the page generated an empty stylesheet tag. - Sample web sites: Minor fixes in design and HTML code of the page templates and stylesheets. - Scheduler: Some tasks could run two times under specific conditions. - SiteManager: Some Administration pages could be accessed from CMSDesk in SiteManager context. - SiteManager: User couldn't be deleted when he was allowed to be forum moderator. - SiteManager: Site culture couldn't be changed in license editions without multilingual support. - SiteManager: Localized transformation name couldn't be entered in transformation properties. - SiteManager: Document type editing pages didn't have the same length. - Staging: Document task didn't contain product information when the product was created from the new document dialog. - URL Rewriting: Some URLs weren't resolved correctly for cookieless configuration. - URL Rewriting: Messaging pages weren't properly excluded from URL rewriting and were logged as not existing content pages. - URL Rewriting: Page wasn't properly redirected in specific cases with FF browser. - Web analytics: Log processing couldn't handle large amount of data at once. - Web analytics: Returning visitors were logged only on the second visit. - Web farms: Too many web farm tasks or too much web farm task data could kill the application on it's start. - Web parts: Clone web part couldn't work with some specific web part settings. - Web parts: Content slider wasn't working properly if the delay time was 0. - Web parts: Google maps web part couldn't handle API key for both domains with and without www. - Web parts: Query repeater web part didn't use the Item separator property correctly. - Web parts: User contribution web part couldn't resolve the path properties. - Web parts: Language selector didn't display culture names in ASPX page templates. - Web parts: Date and time web part couldn't handle some format expressions. - Web parts: Contact and ignore list didn't use the Zero rows text property properly. - Web parts: Video web part wasn't working properly in FF3.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Windows, ASP.NET ,
Keyword: Cms Cms Platform Content Content Management System Content Publishing Kentico
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware
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