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Jungle Warfare 3.0

  Date Added: January 25, 2010  |  Visits: 704

Jungle Warfare

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The year is 2006,2 years ago after the last great conflict in Iraq, after the UN had sanctioned deals with major US and UK corporations to re-build the country and provide order, the world seemed quiet.In the province of Southern Borneo, an African scientist who had become separated from his tourist group stumbled upon the Wasabi tribe, feared for their savage in-fighting and Jungle fighting skills. At first, the locals were friendly to the stranger, offering him a range of medicinal drinks to try and cure his dehydration and foot-rot. Through the aid of a young native, he was able to communicate with the tribes leader, warlord Sun Shalt.It was then that he discovered the truth about a rare and seemingly useless, plant un-classified by any UN department.The tribe referred to the plant as 'Clevanio Curare' roughly translated as 'cure of the river', the name comes from the fact that it only grows in boggy stream regions, similar to rice paddies.The scientist learned of it's healing powers , it was said to cure Aids and Cancer, he laughed but played along with what he though was the natives naivety.|He took 2 leaves and placed them in his sample sack without the knowledge of the tribe.He was released soon after and was curious as to why the tribe were so reluctant to let him go...When he was eventually found at a designated waypoint and got back to Cape-Town to his labs he did some tests and extracted what he called 'Clevio X' an enzyme which as he soon discovered would change the more ways than one.It's anti-bodies were so strong and so advanced that by heating them and giving them to Cancer and Aids sufferers, it would eat away and effectively kill all forms of Cancerous tumor on record and seemingly cure those who were HIV positive.Soon enough the US government discovered this and naturally, demanded that it be harvested and grown locally to treat sufferers. The locals had other ideas...It was discovered that it didn't just grow in Borneo, but instead Celevio X grew all over the world in a variety of humid jungles near the equator.The locals from most of these jungle areas (Borneo, Brazil, Vietnam, Africa, Cuba and more) saw what was happening and realized the benefits of owning and selling this drug to countries.To protect the drug, bands of militia and Guerillas were set up to battle UN intervention such as harvesting parties and soldiers.Things got ugly pretty damn fast, Warlords from the Tan Han sector and militia around the globe commandeered the Guerilla forces to protect what they claimed was 'theirs' and wars broke out in most Jungle regions.Whoever has the drug Clevio-X will not only make huge profit but also control the long-term suffering of others by ending it.Locals set up several 'plants' to process and grow the drug itself and the drug was sold to the highest bidder. Enraged, the US and EU governments decided it was time for action.War in a Jungle is never easy and it was decided that rather than repeat the Vietnam war, small, on foot units made up of special forces would move in and secure the plants whilst eliminating any threats.The UN Marine units made up of Delta-force, British SAS, German SAS, Royal Commandos and other forces are being inserted by helicopter or physically hiking into the jungle regions and camping temporarily whilst scouting the area.The war continues and due to the secret operational nature it is rarely publicized. This is the toughest battle the UN has ever been faced with and it wont be easy.The Guerillas are intent on keeping their local produce with little regard on the consequences to others. And so the warfare continues...Jungle Warfare.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 3.2 MB
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