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REALbasic Plugins 9.0

  Date Added: January 25, 2010  |  Visits: 658

REALbasic Plugins

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REALbasic Plugins adds around 12,000 functions, methods and classes to REALbasic. Grown over the last two years, this plugin covers these main features: Use the Ghostscript library in your Realbasic applications.Rendezvous for Mac and Windows.Classes to use the Stuffit (8.x/9.x) engine.Run Java classes in Realbasic.Use the iSEQQuickPDF library on Realbasic (PDF processing on Windows).Classes for 64bit integer numbers.Navigation Dialogs for Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X.Multiple selection file open dialogs.Access to Mac OS X SystemConfiguration framework.Low level AES encryption class.Several Picture effects classes.ATSUI Text Rendering.DVD PlaybackStatistics on Mac OS X about disc and network usage.Spasum for SPAM detection in email applications.Updated to PDFlib 5.0.2.Updated to LCMS 1.12 (Colosync crossplatform)Added QTPictureMovieTrackMBS for creating picture movie tracks.Drag & Drop on Mac.Launch Services Klassen. (Mac OS X)Printer information Klassen (Windows)CoreFoundation XML classes.Added plugin parts to control HASP and Rockey dongles.DNS Resolution on Mac OS X (low level and high level).WebKit can be used to show websites.WeakRefMBS and StrongRefMBS classes.Tablet support on Mac OS X.CoreGraphics Direct Display classes.Support for the Windows IDE (RB 5.2)Custom QuickTime Data Handler to use encrypted QuickTime movies.QuickTime Track class to control the track directly.Launch Services classes and functionsCMYK support for JPEG loading and saving (without QuickTime).JPEG transformation (e.g. rotation) without recompressing the JPEG data (JPEGTransformationMBS).Encryption using RC4 and hashes using SHA1.Support for Image Captureing (Scanner and digital cameras)Statusitems (menus near the clock on Mac OS X).Information classes for the current Midi configuration.pdflib support in the Addon plugin named "Monkeybread Software Pro Plugin"Classes for DiscRecording on Mac OS X 10.2Support for the Dock Tile MenuA KeyCodes class for converting ascii chars to key codes.Functions to set the System UI Mode. This can be used to disable Force Quit on Mac OS X!Carbon Events classes for global hot keys and services.A class called Mac Picture to create vector images which you can copy into Apple Works and edit there.Importing pictures using a QuickTime Graphics Importer classes.Support for the notification center on Mac OS X.Quicktime Video and Audio recording.CoreGraphics support to create PDF files on Mac OS X.Internet Config support.Mac OS X Spell Checking.Functions to manage Mac OS X login items list.Support for transparent document windows on Mac OS X.Classes to deal with icons on Mac OS.A class for multi string search.Keychain classes.WakeNotifier to see when your Mac sleeps.Packetsocket for easier socket sending/receiving.URLaccess class for easy down- and uploading.IO Registry of Mac OS X for hardware details.Addressbook classes for Mac OS X 10.2Mac Font managing functions and classesPacket sending Socket.Virtual Memory informations.SCSI Device list.File Downloads using Quicktime.Colormatching crossplatform or using Colorsync on Mac OS.Mouting Apple Share Volumes.Easy Alias handling.Usefull classes for Menu changes, Standardalert, File Permission.HTML Viewer ControlBase 64 encode and decodeUsefull functions like Screenshot, NetworkavailableStreams for files bigger than 2 GB, Resourcefork and a stream in RAM.Endian Functions and Endian methods for the memoryblock class.Compression and Decompression of data and pictures including JPEG, PNG and TIFF files without the need of QuickTime.FilemappingResolution changing from Realbasic including fading.Monitoring of Events inside your application.Access to special folders.Serial Port with up to 230 kBit/s.CRC calculationSeveral Hardware Information functions and access to the Name Registry. (including drive serial number for hard disks)Extending Realbasics internal classes like Movie, Movieplayer, Memoryblock, Picture and Application.A process class to list the running applications.Simulation of keyboard typing (presskey class).Creating and resolving aliases.Lots of small utility functions...

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Mac
Keyword: Plug-in Plug-ins Plugin Plugins Realbasic
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License: Shareware Size: 52.6 MB
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Libraries  -  Amethyst Network Library 0.1.2
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