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DecryptHD 20070611

  Date Added: February 03, 2010  |  Visits: 909


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DecryptHD software can be used for realtime HD DVD decryption while streaming the decrypted movie to the player. It uses drive authentication to obtain the volume ID from it. This means it doesnt use a key database, but you do need a real drive. Without a real drive theres probably no point in realtime decryption anyway. Not wanting to watch all files on disc starting from A to Z, this also means it works on a per file basis. You have to specify the file you want to watch. At the moment, this tool is Linux only for the simple reason that its my normal desktop and development environment (Debian). So its kinda obvious the targeted player is mplayer because of this. This is also where the streaming comes into the picture. The ffvc1 decoder not only works for normal playback from harddisk, but also supports streaming. The current status of the tool is that it works and runs stable. But Ive only tested it with the Bourne Supremacy, but Im hoping that it should with all HD DVDs released to date. Mind the "hoping" though since a 1 disc test is not a 100% guarantee. See this as a testrun. Its written in C++ and if theres demand Ill release the source once the rough edges are gone. Also need to improve the subset-difference stuff first, its kinda sucky the way its implemented right now. Also both currently discovered processing keys are in it (lets get this into the open right away). The advantage of this is that theres no fiddling with keys, but the downside is that when keys get revoked/discovered, this will require an update of the app. Maybe Ill make a different solution at a later time, who knows. If you run into trouble (so many things can go wrong), theres a log created called decrypthd.log in the same directory the tool is in. Please include it in any bug reports. How to run: 1. unrar e decrypthd.rar (extracts the archive) 2. chmod +x decrypthd (makes it executable) 3. ./decrypthd (run the executable file) Usage: decrypthd < device > < mountpoint > < filename > -o [options] | < player > Options: -c Chunksize Example: decrypthd /dev/scd0 /mnt/hddvd/ file.evo -o | mplayer -demuxer mpegps -vc -ffvc1 - First you need to plug in your drive if you havent done so already. Ive been using a Xbox360 HD DVD drive. Unmodified, just as you buy it in a store. Once plugged in youll need to find its device. Usually this is /dev/sr0 (its alias is /dev/scd0). This is the < device > value and you need this for the drive authentication. Next mount the drive (the < mountpoint >). In short now youre good to go. In reality however, you need to know the filename of the evo you want to watch. On the disc Ive got here this is FEATURE_1.EVO (case sensitive). So look this up in the HVDVD_TS directory. It uses OpenSSL for the signature calculations, so make sure youve got that. Now fire the entire thing up (Im assuming youve got the latest mplayer). You need to specify the demuxer and decoder: decrypthd /dev/scd0 /mnt/hddvd/ FEATURE_1.EVO -o | mplayer -demuxer mpegps -vc ffvc1 -. DecryptHD - Realtime decryption and streaming Decrypting

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Decrypthd Decryption Drive Hd Dvd Decryption Multimedia Need Realtime Streaming Theres Video
Users rating: 0/10

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