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Code-Forge IDE 5.0

  Date Added: November 08, 2010  |  Visits: 1.024

Code-Forge IDE

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Code Forge IDE is Integrated Development Environment for Unix and Linux, that provides full project management and a complete edit, compile and debug cycle support for over 30 programming languages. Its advanced project management features allow it to scale from simple to extremely large and multi-language as well as multi-user projects. Total integration between various IDE tools provide the programmer with unprecedented control over the development process. The Project Manager gives a visual representation of all of its components through the use of a dependency tree. Users can easily set up multiple targets of different types, mix programming languages and even revision control types within the same project. The GUI project manager provides full abstraction of the "Makefile" concept. Project Makefiles are generated and maintained automatically by the CodeForge project engine. Intuitive Drag and Drop operations on the Dependency Tree and project desktop, are automatically converted to make script statements. A GNU Makefile representation of the Project is kept up to date with every change applied to the project. The resulting Makefile can be executed from the command line. Tools options The IDE hides the details of working with different compiled programming languages. The simple concept of creating a target from source files and even other targets works exactly the same for all compiled languages. Creating an "Executable" target and adding source files will automatically generate the the rules necessary to build that target. Creating a "Library" target is just as simple. Linking your "Library" target to an "Executable" target is as simple as dragging the icon of the "library" target onto the "Executable" targets icon. Development tool interfaces are also abstracted. The IDE has preconfigured support for all major free and commercial compilers on the market today. Appropriate compilation and linker options are selected automatically and are graphically configurable. Dozens of other tools such as (ar, lexx, yacc, etc) are also supported by the development environment. Code Forge IDE is fully Drag and Drop enabled between tools. Operations such as file modification, file comparison and revision control are all performed simply by dragging a file form the project desktop to the desired drop site. The IDE provides the facilities to control the build, debug and execute actions at the target level. An environment variable editor allows the user to define a custom environment for each Project. Project Window A built-in advanced programmers editor is the first and only editor to maintain the correct indentation of the entire source file with each keystroke. (The indentation policy can be "downgraded" to the level of other editors via options) The editor features context-sensitive auto-completion and prototype-hinting. The IDE includes a "best-in-class" debugger interface, that interfaces seemlessly with the editor so you can edit, rebuild and continue debugging never leaving the debugger itself. Code Forge IDE makes Team Development a snap through the use of local "sandboxes", project merge and transparent support of all major types of Revision Control. Complete abstraction of the Revision Control interface makes revision control specifics transparent to the user. Interaction will all revision control types looks the same to the user. Drag and Drop operations within Dependency Tree generate and execute the correct revision control commands. The Code Forge Integrated Development Environment provides a uniform interface to all its features for all programming languages, compilers and revision control systems on all unix-like operating systems. You will never have to learn another IDE again!.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Code Code Forge Ide Codeforge Control Development Environment Drag And Drop Environment For All Forge Ide Ide Integrated Development Integrated Development Environment Programming Languages Project Revision Control
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License: Shareware Cost: $30.00 USD Size: 13 MB
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