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Statistics::TTest 1.1.0

  Date Added: April 23, 2010  |  Visits: 620


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Statistics::TTest is a Perl module to perform T-test on 2 independent samples. Statistics::TTest::Sufficient - Perl module to perfrom T-Test on 2 indepdent samples using sufficient statistics SYNOPSIS #example for Statistics::TTest use Statistics::PointEstimation; use Statistics::TTest; my @r1=(); my @r2=(); my $rand; for($i=1;$i<=32;$i++) #generate a uniformly distributed sample with mean=5 { $rand=rand(10); push @r1,$rand; $rand=rand(10)-2; push @r2,$rand; } my $ttest = new Statistics::TTest; $ttest->set_significance(90); $ttest->load_data(@r1,@r2); $ttest->output_t_test(); $ttest->set_significance(99); $ttest->print_t_test(); #list out t-test related data #the following thes same as calling output_t_test() (you can check if $ttest->{valid}==1 to check if the data is valid.) my $s1=$ttest->{s1}; #sample 1 a Statistics::PointEstimation object my $s2=$ttest->{s2}; #sample 2 a Statistics::PointEstimation object print "*****************************************************nn"; $s1->output_confidence_interval(1); print "*****************************************************nn"; $s2->output_confidence_interval(2); print "*****************************************************nn"; print "Comparison of these 2 independent samples.n"; print "t F-statistic=",$ttest->f_statistic()," , cutoff F-statistic=",$ttest->f_cutoff(), " with alpha level=",$ttest->alpha*2," and df =(",$ttest->df1,",",$ttest->df2,")n"; if($ttest->{equal_variance}) { print "tequal variance assumption is accepted(not rejected) since F-statistic < cutoff F-statisticn";} else { print "tequal variance assumption is rejected since F-statistic > cutoff F-statisticn";} print "tdegree of freedom=",$ttest->df," , t-statistic=T=",$ttest->t_statistic," Prob >|T|=",$ttest->{t_prob},"n"; print "tthe null hypothesis (the 2 samples have the same mean) is ",$ttest->null_hypothesis(), " since the alpha level is ",$ttest->alpha()*2,"n"; print "tdifference of the mean=",$ttest->mean_difference(),", standard error=",$ttest->standard_error(),"n"; print "t the estimate of the difference of the mean is ", $ttest->mean_difference()," +/- ",$ttest->delta(),"nt", " or (",$ttest->lower_clm()," to ",$ttest->upper_clm," ) with ",$ttest->significance," % of confidencen"; #example for Statistics::TTest::Sufficient use Statistics::PointEstimation; use Statistics::TTest; my %sample1=( count =>30, mean =>3.98, variance =>2.63 ); my %sample2=( count=>30, mean=>3.67, variance=>1.12 ); my $ttest = new Statistics::TTest::Sufficient; $ttest->set_significance(90); $ttest->load_data(%sample1,%sample2); $ttest->output_t_test(); #$ttest->s1->print_confidence_interval(); $ttest->set_significance(99); $ttest->output_t_test(); #$ttest->s1->print_confidence_interval(); Statistics::TTest This is the Statistical T-Test module to compare 2 independent samples. It takes 2 array of point measures, compute the confidence intervals using the PointEstimation module (which is also included in this package) and use the T-statistic to test the null hypothesis. If the null hypothesis is rejected, the difference will be given as the lower_clm and upper_clm of the TTest object. Statistics::TTest::Sufficient This module is a subclass of Statistics::TTest. Instead of taking the real data points as the input, it will compute the confidence intervals based on the sufficient statistics and the sample size inputted. To use this module, you need to pass the sample size, the sample mean , and the sample variance into the load_data() function. The output will be exactly the same as the Statistics::TTest Module..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Libraries Module Output Perl Module Pointestimation Print Programming Statisticsttest T-test Ttest
Users rating: 0/10

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