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Crypt::ECDSA::Curve 0.052

  Date Added: August 05, 2010  |  Visits: 1.256


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Crypt::ECDSA::Curve is a base class for ECC curves. These are for use with Crypt::ECDSA, a Math::GMPz based cryptography module. METHODS new Constructor. Takes the following named pair arguments: standard => standard-curve-name Used for named standard curves such as the NIST standard curves. Preferentially, these are invoked by classes which inherit from Crypt::ECDSA::Curve, such as Crypt::ECDSA::Curve::Prime, Crypt::ECDSA::Curve::Binary, or Crypt::ECDSA::Curve::Koblitz. See US govenment standard publications FIPS 186-2 or FIPS 186-3. used as: new(standard => standard curve name), where curve name is one of: Crypt::ECDSA::Curve::Prime->new( standard => [ one of ECP-192, ECP-224, ECP-256, ECP-384, ECP-521 ] ) Crypt::ECDSA::Curve::Koblitz->new( standard => [ one of EC2N-163, EC2N-233, EC2N-283, EC2N-409, EC2N-571 ] ) Koblitz curves are a special case of binary curves, with a simpler equation. Non-standard curve types are supported either via specifying parameters and algorithm, or by specifying a generic "standard" via specifying in new the pair: standard => generic_prime or standard => generic_binary. The following are used mainly for non-standard curve types. They are gotten from pre-defined values for named curves: p => $p , sets curve modulus ( for prime curve over F(p) ) a => $a, sets curve param a b => $b, sets curve param b N => the exponent in 2**N, where 2**N is a binary curve modulus ( for binary or Koblitz curve over F(2**N) ) h => curve cofactor for the point order r => base point G order for prime curves n => base point G order for binary curves G_x => $x, a base point x coordinate G_y => $y, a base point y coordinate irreducible => binary curve irreducible basis polynimial in binary integer format, so that x**233 + x**74 + 1 becomes polynomial => [ 233, 74, 0 ] and irreducible => 0x20000000000000000000000000000000000000004000000000000000001 a my $param = $curve->a; Returns parameter a in the elliptic equation. b my $param = $curve->b; Returns parameter b in the elliptic equation. p my $param = $curve->p; returns parameter p in the equation-- this is the field modulus parameter for prime curves order my $param = $curve->order; Returns the curve base point G order if known. curve_order my $param = $curve->curve_order; Returns the curve order if known. This might calculate the order some day. It does not in this version. infinity my $inf = $curve->infinity; Returns a valid point at infinity for the curve. standard my $param = $curve->standard; Returns the standard type of the curve, if defined for the instance..

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Base Base Class Base Point Cryptecdsacurve Curve Curves Ecc Ecdsa Ecp Libraries Order Param Standard
Users rating: 0/10

License: Freeware Size: 143.36 KB
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