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Data::Diver 1.0101

  Date Added: April 23, 2010  |  Visits: 552


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Data::Diver is a simple, ad-hoc access to elements of deeply nested structures. SUMMARY Data::Diver provides the Dive() and DiveVal() functions for ad-hoc access to elements of deeply nested data structures, and the DiveRef(), DiveError(), DiveClear(), and DiveDie() support functions. SYNOPSIS use Data::Diver qw( Dive DiveRef DiveError ); my $root= { top => [ { first => 1 }, { second => { key => [ 0, 1, 2, { three => { exists => yes, }, }, ], }, }, ], }; # Sets $value to yes # ( $root->{top}[1]{second}{key}[3]{three}{exists} ): my $value= Dive( $root, qw( top 1 second key 3 three exists ) ); # Sets $value to undef() because "missing" doesnt exist: $value= Dive( $root, qw( top 1 second key 3 three missing ) ); # Sets $value to undef() because # $root->{top}[1]{second}{key}[4] is off the end of the array: $value= Dive( $root, qw( top 1 second key 4 ... ) ); # Sets $value to undef() because # $root->{top}[1]{second}{key}[-5] would be a fatal error: $value= Dive( $root, qw( top 1 second key -5 ... ) ); # Sets $ref to $root->{top}[9]{new}{sub} (which grows # @{ $root->{top} } and autovifies two anonymous hashes): my $ref= DiveRef( $root, qw( top 9 new sub ) ); # die()s because "other" isnt a valid number: $ref= DiveRef( $root, qw( top other ... ) ); # Does: $root->{num}{1}{2}= 3; # (Autovivifies hashes despite the numeric keys.) DiveVal( $root, ( qw( num 1 2 ) ) ) = 3; # Same thing: ${ DiveRef( $root, num, 1, 2 ) } = 3; # Retrieves above value, $value= 3: $value= DiveVal( $root, num, 1, 2 ); # Same thing: $value= ${ DiveRef( $root, ( qw( num 1 2 ) ) ) }; # Tries to do $root->{top}{1} and dies # because $root->{top} is an array reference: DiveRef( $root, top, 1 ); # To only autovivify at the last step: $ref= DiveRef( Dive( $root, qw( top 1 second key 3 three ) ), missing ); if( $ref ) { $$ref= me too } else { my( $nestedRef, $svKey, $errDesc )= DiveError(); die "Couldnt dereference $nestedRef via $$svKey: $errDescn"; }.

Requirements: No special requirements
Platforms: Linux
Keyword: Datadiver Diveerror Diveref Diveval Libraries Programming Qw Root Second Top Value
Users rating: 0/10

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