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Word Wizard Game Contact Php freeware
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Word Wizard Game Contact Php

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Released: September 13, 2013  |  Added: September 13, 2013 | Visits: 143

Hangman!!! Free Hangman is a popular word guessing game. Try to guess letters in order to uncover the hidden word. But be careful, you only have a few guesses before you are hanged. This app has 7 word lists: Animals, Countries, Foods, Movies, Professions, Sports and Verbs. Like our Facebook page or follow us... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 1.7 MB Download (7): Hangman!!! Free Download

Released: June 26, 2014  |  Added: June 26, 2014 | Visits: 142

Hangman Mobile Play hangman - a captivating word guessing game. You can test your mastery with words from different categories. Just choose your favorite category and press start. Try different letters to discover the right answer while avoiding the more improbable ones. * * * FEATURES * * * - 10 categories -... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 16.9 MB Download (7): Hangman Mobile Download

Released: March 28, 2014  |  Added: March 28, 2014 | Visits: 147

Hangman Style Based on the well known word guessing game, Hangman Style allows the player to guess random words by choosing letters from the alphabet. But beware, your guesses are limited. Choose carefully, or get hanged in Style. Containing over 300.000 words from the English language, Hangman Style will... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 5.5 MB Download (8): Hangman Style Download

Released: August 31, 2014  |  Added: August 31, 2014 | Visits: 144

HelloWords HD "HELLOwords" is a real crazy words game..!!! ___________________________________________ A great word puzzle game. Create words as many as u can, and increase your vocabulary. On each play challenge yourself and other players across the world!!!! ____________________________________________... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 5.8 MB Download (7): HelloWords HD Download

Released: May 08, 2013  |  Added: May 08, 2013 | Visits: 128

Herd the Words A word puzzle game to bend your mind. - Randomly generated puzzles provide unending challenge. - A tutorial will help you get oriented. - Single Player packs allow you to revisit previous puzzles. - Multiplayer games allow you to compete -- against friends in person with Pass N PLay -- against... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 4.8 MB Download (7): Herd the Words Download

Released: October 19, 2014  |  Added: October 19, 2014 | Visits: 109

Hot Wordz Free + WORD MATCHING WITH A STRATEGIC TWIST Hot Wordz is a word puzzle game in which the object is to form as many words as possible in two minutes with a twist to scoring that adds unique strategy, competition, colorful and fun gameplay. + STRATEGIC WORD MULTIPLIERS Re-use the same letters in... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 13.7 MB Download (8): Hot Wordz Free Download

Released: August 27, 2014  |  Added: August 27, 2014 | Visits: 179

Language Central for Science Earth Science Edition Make studying vocabulary terms fun and engaging with Pearsons Language Central for Science app featuring the Word Fly game experience! First, boost your memory with Interactive Science Flash Cards that span Life, Earth and Physical science topics. Next, test your skills and take the Trivia... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 37.1 MB Download (9): Language Central for Science Earth Science Edition Download

Released: September 18, 2013  |  Added: September 18, 2013 | Visits: 168

Last Letter Lite Create a word from last letter of previous word - A whole new type of word search game!!! Available as a single player or challenge a friend in 2 -player game play. Both play requires different strategy. In single player, make words that can help you make next word. In two player, make words that... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 24.5 MB Download (9): Last Letter Lite Download

Released: October 02, 2014  |  Added: October 02, 2014 | Visits: 132

Learn-A-Licious Preschool Looking for an easier way to build your childs language skills? Try the Learn-A-Licious app. Learn-A-Licious is an interactive word flashcard game for preschoolers. Words (Level 1) helps children build a strong word vocabulary in a fun, interactive game environment. Phonics (Level 2) takes the... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 37 MB Download (7): Learn-A-Licious Preschool Download

Released: July 23, 2014  |  Added: July 23, 2014 | Visits: 151

Learn German Words 1 Free: Speaking Lessons with Language Flashcards Looking to learn your first words of the German language? Try the Learn German Words 1 app! This app is an interactive word flashcard game aimed at toddler-level reading and is appropriate for teaching both kids and adults alike. Using real-life photographs and clear German narration, this app... Platforms: iOS

Released: March 21, 2013  |  Added: March 21, 2013 | Visits: 164

Psychobabble Enjoy your morning crossword puzzle? Then you're going to love Psychobabble, the compulsively playable word association game from Ultralingua. The first few puzzles are free to try. After that, you can purchase credits for more puzzles via in-app sales. You also earn puzzle credits by revealing... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 14.2 MB Download (9): Psychobabble Download

Released: September 23, 2011  |  Added: September 23, 2011 | Visits: 130

Puzzled It 1.0.1 Bug fix and extra 5 gaming credits. 1.0.0 Puzzled It, is a simple word search game with multilevel features and multiple dimensions. Its supports English and Dutch words for children (benign words) and Adult version (dictionary). A base of 150.000 words is used for puzzle generation.... Platforms: iOS

License: Freeware Size: 6.6 MB Download (7): Puzzled It Download

Released: April 17, 2014  |  Added: April 17, 2014 | Visits: 151

Addicted to Words A word puzzle game for crossword fanatics, word junkies and puzzle solvers everywhere! Why not give it a go? With elements of crosswords, word searches and some classic word games, this new twist makes puzzling a joy. It's easy to learn, fun, challenging and will have you Addicted to Words!... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 9 MB Download (7): Addicted to Words Download

Released: December 11, 2013  |  Added: December 11, 2013 | Visits: 159

A Friendly Visit The Game: This app Book for iPhone/iPad is really several products in one! First, it is literature. Second, it is a series of word games. To play the book cipher word jumble game, use the issued key to identify encoded terms by page, paragraph and word coordinates (for example, 8:3:117). Once... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 1024 KB Download (7): A Friendly Visit Download

Released: June 17, 2014  |  Added: June 17, 2014 | Visits: 123

Alpha Pop Alpha Pop is a short burst word-hunt game where you need to think fast to keep the clock alive and the big points adding up! Lovingly crafted for all you wonderful people by Monster & Monster - Burger connoisseurs and purveyors of fine interactive wares. - New Leaderboard font to allow for wider... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 13 MB Download (7): Alpha Pop Download

Released: November 30, 2012  |  Added: November 30, 2012 | Visits: 95

Hangable Hangman is a classic word guessing game in which you try to guess letters in order to uncover a hidden word. You only have about 8 guesses before game is over. You can select from 3 word categories: - Common Words: Easy words. - Advanced Words: This category is suitable for high school students... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 1024 KB Download (7): Hangable Download

Released: September 20, 2013  |  Added: September 20, 2013 | Visits: 120

IT-Anagrams The IT Training Zone anagram game is an ITIL study and exam aid which helps you learn and remember key ITIL information concepts and terms for your exams. Simply drag and drop the letters to find the right word. The game is based on the official ITIL glossary. With 234 puzzles in total, see... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 9 MB Download (8): IT-Anagrams Download

Released: February 28, 2012  |  Added: February 28, 2012 | Visits: 173

Punshine Punshine is an interactive word play game based on puns. With more than 80 original and witty puns, it is sure to bring a smile on your face during the "pun flay" ... err ... fun play. Key features of Punshine HD are: - Original and witty puns - Beautiful colors across the app In addition to the... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 2 MB Download (9): Punshine Download

Released: June 11, 2014  |  Added: June 11, 2014 | Visits: 93

Ruzzle Adventure Guide Ruzzle Adventure is a word-building game from MAG Interactive. In this game, you link letters on a grid to spell words, which helps you earn points and escape from traps. Ruzzle Adventure walkthrough will provide you with some tips and hints that will help you explore the magical word of words... Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 2 MB Download (7): Ruzzle Adventure Guide Download

Released: December 20, 2013  |  Added: December 20, 2013 | Visits: 89

Sea Wordhunt Wordhunt is a challenging word puzzle game, where the player has to find a list of words in a jumble of letters in the quickest time possible, high scores are recorded for re playability, with a number of words from the theme. Requirements: Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 Platforms: Windows Phone

License: Freeware Size: 1024 KB Download (7): Sea Wordhunt Download

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