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How Many Words From Letters freeware
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How Many Words From Letters

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Added: November 06, 2006 | Visits: 14.170

Typing Test TQ - Free Typing Test Test your typing speed with this free typing test software. - How fast can you type ? - How many words per minute ( wpm ) can you make ? - Is your typing accuracy good enough ? - Improve your typing skills with this free typing tutor ! Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 478 KB Download (1540): Typing Test TQ - Free Typing Test Download

Added: June 14, 2006 | Visits: 6.847

Boggle This is the game Boggle, where you attempt to make words from a 4x4 or 5x5 grid of letters before 3 minutes is up. You can play alone or with friends. The computer will work out all the possible words at the end of the game. Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 1.3 MB Download (751): Boggle Download

Added: June 18, 2013 | Visits: 2.172

KTranslator KTranslator is a program to translate words from one language to another. KTranslator should support any language (I hope that) and come with a plugin system, to ease the addition of new dictionaries. The main idea behind KTranslator is to translate a word without disturb the application in use.... Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 552.96 KB Download (713): KTranslator Download

Added: August 08, 2008 | Visits: 1.257

Word Extractor Word Extractor is a hacking tool that extracts (human) words from binary (machine) files. Is suitable for many purposes like finding a cheat in a game, finding hidden text or passwords in a file (exe, bin, dll), text extraction from corrupted documents, etc... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 220 KB Download (410): Word Extractor Download

Released: June 06, 2004  |  Added: June 25, 2006 | Visits: 6.498

WordPuzzle Make words from random letters, and connect them with other words on the board. The words you put on the board are searched in the words list associated with the dictionary (/ language) you choose. A words list for English is included. The main window automatically resizes (only when... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 700 KB Download (247): WordPuzzle Download

Added: August 30, 2008 | Visits: 757

My Translator Translate words from English to RussianTranslate words from Russian to English Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 315 KB Download (177): My Translator Download

Added: August 09, 2008 | Visits: 959

GlobalSpellChecker GlobalSpellChecker is a tool for checking spelling or meaning of words from any application using Microsoft Word.It displays the meaning or spelling suggestion in a non-disturbing way so that you do not have to shift from the application you are working. You can copy the word to be checked to... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 81 KB Download (143): GlobalSpellChecker Download

Released: June 04, 2012  |  Added: June 04, 2012 | Visits: 408

AnalogX Rhyme AnalogX Rhyme is a rhyming dictionary program - type in any word (it knows more than 100,000), tell it how many syllables to match (or phonemes), click 'Rhyme', and appropriate words appear in the dialog box. AnalogX Rhyme can rhyme words forward, backwards, and with matching syllable counts. Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 1.04 MB Download (138): AnalogX Rhyme Download

Added: August 21, 2008 | Visits: 773

Burgertime Welcome to BurgerTime, you are a master burger chef and you are in a competition to see how many hamburgers you can build in the alloted time. You must build them in the proper order - bun, mustard, ketchup, meat, cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, and lastly the top bun. Have Fun! Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 1.32 MB Download (131): Burgertime Download

Released: March 25, 2008  |  Added: March 27, 2008 | Visits: 1.444

DayAdder Day Adder features two point-and-click easy calendars that show you the expected date visually. All you need is to choose your starting day on the left calendar, enter how many days to add then you get the new calculated date on the right calendar. We want to add 213 days to April Fools day.... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 378.91 KB Download (130): DayAdder Download

Added: August 21, 2008 | Visits: 1.090

Abby How many feet is a kilometer, how do I convert Fahrenheit to Celtigrade? So many times we need these basic simple calculations. Abby does this job quickly for Time conversions, Weight conversions, Distance conversions, and Temperature conversions. Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 450 KB Download (127): Abby Download

Added: August 19, 2008 | Visits: 899

Boat Boat is a fun card game played in pairs, and is similar to Rook or Bridge. If you like this kind of betting game, then you+ll love Boat.The mechanics of the game are the following: In each hand the players bet or forecast how many points from the total of 120 they can get. The winner gets five... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 2 KB Download (125): Boat Download

Added: August 03, 2008 | Visits: 848

Count Days When you want to find out how many days there are between two dates, or find out how many working days there are before a specific day, you can use CountDays to get these information to count the days. It provides how many days, working days, weeks, months, and years between two days. Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 129 KB Download (106): Count Days Download

Released: September 04, 2008  |  Added: September 22, 2008 | Visits: 1.079

Tams11 Quacky Quacky is a multi-player game that can be played as a solo game for practice. This is a fast paced game where you make as many words as you can from the letters provided. Complete the letter columns to get bonuses added to your final score for each round. Make as many words as you can! New... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 1.32 MB Download (105): Tams11 Quacky Download

Added: May 24, 2010 | Visits: 990

Calorie Burning Calculator Calorie Burning Calculator project is a free, nicely-formatted online calculator to help your web site visitors calculate how many calories they require a day to maintain their body weight, or basal metabolic rate (BMR).. Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 25.6 KB Download (104): Calorie Burning Calculator Download

Added: July 15, 2010 | Visits: 700

NetBSD NetBSD is a free, secure, and highly portable Unix-like Open Source operating system available for many platforms, from 64-bit Opteron machines and desktop systems to handheld and embedded devices. Its clean design and advanced features make it excellent in both production and research... Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 200 MB Download (96): NetBSD Download

Added: August 12, 2008 | Visits: 1.125

Byte Count This is a utility that shows a list of how many files and bytes there are in each subdirectory. You can hook this tool to your right mouse button menu, when browsing in explorer. It can also sort directories by size or number of files. Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 399 KB Download (87): Byte Count Download

Added: August 19, 2008 | Visits: 1.095

T2H Small program to convert one or many files from txt format to html. Only files with ".txt" extension can be converted and the files must be on a hard disk, html's will be created in the same folder as the txt's. It's a plain, nearly rough html, no special lights and bells and any web or mail... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 12 KB Download (86): T2H Download

Added: February 08, 2010 | Visits: 892

xdict xdict project is a dictionary for translating words from German to English (and vice versa). It was written using the Gtk+ API.. Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 1.2 MB Download (84): xdict Download

Added: August 15, 2008 | Visits: 725

Classic WordZap Classic WordZap(R) 2.10 is a Freeware word game where you race your computer opponent to create the most unique words from a given set of letters. When opponents make the same word, it is zapped from both lists. The game is a re-mastered version of the game that was widely distributed in... Platforms: Windows

License: Freeware Size: 284 KB Download (83): Classic WordZap Download

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