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Calligraphy Writing freeware
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Calligraphy Writing

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Added: August 16, 2013 | Visits: 247

Some Chinese Please! This is friends with the Chinese writing spam plug-in preparation for a defense. It can effectively intercept the content of the text does not comment, and with the trackback (pingback), do not write the database, which can effectively reduce the unnecessary spam on the blog server to...

Platforms: PHP

License: Freeware Size: 11.26 KB Download (18): Some Chinese Please! Download

Added: July 01, 2013 | Visits: 191

Transformations -- XML A set of operations for the Transformations module that deal with reading, writing and navigating XML data.

Platforms: PHP

License: Freeware Size: 10 KB Download (18): Transformations -- XML Download

Added: September 10, 2013 | Visits: 205

Limit Read Restrict access to read a post or page on your writing with the Facebook Likes Button. You'll get more fans on Facebook. Install : 1. Upload the 'like-lock' folder to your '/wp-content/plugins/' directory 2. Active the plugin via your WordPress admin panel 3. Click Like Lock settings under the...

Platforms: PHP

License: Freeware Size: 92.16 KB Download (18): Limit Read Download

Added: April 28, 2013 | Visits: 264

PDF::Wrapper unicode aware PDF writing library that uses the ruby bindings to various c libraries ( like cairo, pango, poppler and rsvg ) to do the heavy lifting.

Platforms: Ruby

License: Freeware Size: 276.48 KB Download (20): PDF::Wrapper Download

Added: August 04, 2013 | Visits: 122

MusicMuse Beside writing usefull app, I have these tasks: create testing app in ExtJs 4.0 create testing app In Sencha Touch test sharing between ExtJs 4.0 and Sencha Touch

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 512 KB Download (16): MusicMuse Download

Added: November 24, 2013 | Visits: 180

DendroPy DendroPy is a Python library for phylogenetic computing. It provides classes and functions for the simulation, processing, and manipulation of phylogenetic trees and character matrices, and supports the reading and writing of phylogenetic data in a range of formats, such as NEXUS, NEWICK, NeXML,...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 3.57 MB Download (16): DendroPy Download

Added: October 21, 2013 | Visits: 183

Briefs Data A cocoa library for reading & writing the Briefs data format

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB Download (16): Briefs Data Download

Added: August 02, 2013 | Visits: 176

LFWebAPIKit Objective-C library for writing apps with web APIs. Provides HTTP request object, site reachability check and utilities.

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 133.12 KB Download (16): LFWebAPIKit Download

Added: December 01, 2013 | Visits: 225

Xcode Cappuccino Plugin After the creation of Objective-J, one of the first things Francisco did was write a new mode for his favorite text editor, SubEthaEdit. It was immediately obvious that we should try to make our favorite development environment as productive as possible. A lot of people working with Cappuccino...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 430.08 KB Download (16): Xcode Cappuccino Plugin Download

Added: November 04, 2013 | Visits: 189

Mogemoge ogemoge is a simple programming language included join token mechanism to ease writing game character relations and game events (ex. collision).

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 460.8 KB Download (18): Mogemoge Download

Added: August 06, 2013 | Visits: 223

OpenCOLLADA A project dedicated to join efforts using COLLADA within various DCC tools like 3ds Max, Maya, Blender and a fast SDK for reading and writing COLLADA files.

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 6.76 MB Download (17): OpenCOLLADA Download

Added: September 14, 2013 | Visits: 240

libLAS libLAS is a C/C++ library for reading and writing the very common LAS LiDAR format. The ASPRS LAS format is a sequential binary format used to store data from LiDAR sensors and by LiDAR processing software for data interchange and archival. See Features for more details on what libLAS can provide...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 3.61 MB Download (20): libLAS Download

Added: June 10, 2013 | Visits: 238

BoomBot BoomBot is a developer's framework for writing a bot connecting to the AIM network. It manages the network communication for the bots so that they can be easily written without worrying about AIM itself at all. Core personalities that hook directly into the application are written in Objective-C,...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 2.1 MB Download (18): BoomBot Download

Added: November 17, 2013 | Visits: 210

SL-NTFS Quickly enable writing support on NTFS disks SL-NTFS (Snow Leopard NTFS) is a free preference pane which will allow its users to quickly and easily enable writing on NTFS (New Technology File System) disks. Before 10.6, only reading was possible, since 10.6 writing is possible too, but disabled...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 1.41 MB Download (16): SL-NTFS Download

Added: August 13, 2013 | Visits: 164

RubyFrontier It does not run on the server side. It???*a*?s just a writing tool that makes ordinary static pages and other objects in Web sites. Those sites then have to be uploaded to the Web in the normal way. RubyFrontier embodies several principles: * Form vs. content. You write the substance of a Web...

Platforms: Mac

License: Freeware Size: 757.76 KB Download (18): RubyFrontier Download

Added: August 28, 2013 | Visits: 218

MoreUnit for Linux MoreUnit is an Eclipse plugin that should assist you in writing more unit tests. This is a short overview of the features it provides, for further information take a look at the documentation section: MoreUnit decorates classes which have a test case. It marks methods in the editor which are...

Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 1.27 MB Download (16): MoreUnit for Linux Download

Added: July 21, 2013 | Visits: 235

AurigaDoc AurigaDoc is a java-xml based documentation tool for writing documents in xml format and converting them to other formats like HTML, DHTML, PDF, PostScript, Formating object(FO), RTF, Java Help, HTML Help, Oracle Help, etc. AurigaDoc is not an xml editor

Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 10.24 KB Download (18): AurigaDoc Download

Added: July 27, 2013 | Visits: 228

SegyMAT SegyMAT is a set of Matlab files for reading and writing SEG-Y files from Matlab. SegyMAT aims at being both simple to use to read SEG-Y files, and extensive enough to aid in writing complex seismic data.

Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 491.52 KB Download (18): SegyMAT Download

Added: September 06, 2013 | Visits: 253

lv2-c++-tools These are some tools and libraries that may come in handy when writing LV2 plugins. They are all part of the software package lv2-c++-tools.

Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 71.68 KB Download (18): lv2-c++-tools Download

Added: June 09, 2013 | Visits: 160

daoism daoism is an audio-CD layout and writing tool. It lets you easily add songs, parts of songs, and chunks of silence onto a CD timeline, arrange track breaks anywhere you want, and then burn your CD.

Platforms: *nix

License: Freeware Size: 4.06 MB Download (16): daoism Download

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